We Love New Dental Patients!

Are you searching for a gentle dentist? You’re in the right place. Dr. Winsome Henry-Ward, your gentle family dentist, has seen the worst in 25 years of dentistry and has experience helping thousands of patients with dental problems from cavities and abscess to yellow teeth and receding gums.

When you come see us, whether for a routine cleaning or a painful problem, we make sure you understand what is happening every step of the way so you can become fully comfortable with any procedures before beginning. You can trust Dr. Henry-Ward to alleviate your pain and get your mouth back to a better state of health.


New Patient Special

If you’re ready to take the leap and schedule an appointment today, we offer a new patient special that saves you over $300. You get a dental exam, cleaning, and X-rays for $99!

That’s an incredible savings! We also accept most dental insurances and offer flexible financing, often at 0% interest. Whatever your dental situation is, we want to help. Please fill out the form below or call us today, 314-862-1118. One of our caring staff members is always happy to discuss your symptoms and recommend a course of action.

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New Patient Special Form

Note: In order to reserve your new patient special offer, a non-refundable $25 deposit is required at the time of setting the appointment. This deposit will be applied towards your new patient special visit fee. If you cancel within 48 hours of your appointment, this deposit will be applied towards a $50 cancellation fee.

In some circumstances, it may not be possible to do a proper cleaning on the first visit. There are certain oral conditions that make cleaning ineffective. If the staff discover this is the case for you, you will be provided with a voucher for a complimentary cleaning once the oral condition has been repaired.

What Our Patients Say

Dr. Ward, I want you to know how much I appreciate the care I have received here. I am so happy with the improvement in my gums, and it is because of your emphasis on preventive oral care. It has made a huge difference, and I thank you.

Dave Diaz

Since having my first traumatic experience as a 9 year old with an army dentist I was always anxious about going to the dentist; my muscles would get tense, and I would grip the arms of the dentist chair, anticipating the worst.
But what a difference Dr. Ward has made in my previously harrowing experiences with dentists. With her calm caring manner and soothing touch, I actually became more relaxed in the dentist chair. What a relief!

Then as a bonus, there are times she would softly hum a tune which even makes me more calm, like a mother soothing an anxious baby – I guess I must have been a big baby when it came to dentists, but not anymore! Thank God for Dr. Ward! And her friendly staff aren’t too bad either.

Deanna Little

Beginning in 1995 Dr. Ward took over my dental care. She has proven to be as painless as I believe possible. My bridges have performed perfectly. My extractions have been very few, and my partial is working without incident. I recommend that anyone needing dental work consider using Dr. Ward.

Rudolph Hughes

Very gentle, very competent. I am very appreciative of your skill and skill of your staff. Thanks.

Shawna Silva

One day during my morning prayer and meditation I had to look up the word honorable. The word is rich in meaning and implies the purest, highest, noblest kind of goodness. Honorable means “lovely”, “winsome”, “gracious”, “noble” and “excellent’. Your name, Winsome, definitely describes your character and your practice. God bless and keep you!!!

Jan Paul