The Reasons Your Family Dentist Wants You To Avoid Soda

There aren’t many of us out there without a sweet tooth. We’re born with it, and we all find different ways to satisfy it. While most of us enjoy a soda occasionally, some of us just can’t seem to stop sipping throughout the day.

Can it really be that bad, though? We’re here to tell you that drinks like soda can have a significant negative impact on your oral health. How?

The Sugar: If you asked most people why you should avoid soda, they say “so that you don’t get cavities.” Very true. The bacteria in your mouth absolutely loves the sugar in soda, and they multiply and get in between your teeth and start eating away at anything and everything that they find edible. But don’t start thinking that sugar-free sodas will save you, because it’s not so much the sugar that’s destroying your enamel. It’s…

The Acid: Acid is what’s really wrecking your teeth. If you remember the ph scale from high school, 7 is neutral (water), and 0 is battery acid. Most sodas are under 3, meaning that they’re closer to battery acid than they are to water! Every time you sip soda, you’re covering your teeth with acid, and it takes 20 to 30 minutes for that enamel to harden back to it’s normal strength. If you brush afterwards, it’s exponentially worse because the abrasive toothpaste and toothbrush are now harder than your soft enamel.

Dr. Henry-Ward would like to suggest that you avoid sugary and acidic drinks as much as possible in order to preserve the health of your teeth. Is it time to see your family dentist and discuss your oral health? Schedule an appointment today!