Why Remove Your Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are a problem for many people. They tend to impact the other molars around it or crowd your teeth because there is not enough room. Most people get their wisdom teeth removed as a precautionary measure to prevent complications later.

There are several theories on wisdom teeth that have affected the way that they have been treated in the past. The first is that the wisdom teeth have become vestigial, no longer needed because of evolution and does not serve a purpose. This is a common thought amongst dentists. But, recent research is pointing to a different reason for the wisdom tooth problem.

Evolution seems to have made our jaws smaller through the many years. So, when the wisdom teeth come in, there is not as much room in the mouth as there used to be. However, recent research has suggested that we have not had wisdom teeth problems until a dietary change to more processed and soft foods.

Some people only get two or three wisdom teeth. Any tooth that is extraneous and does not have a mate, could cause problems, and doesn’t do anything for you. They can continue to grow after they hit the tooth line and may continue to grow to the opposite gum line. There are many other problems that can occur with wisdom teeth.

Impacted teeth can be very painful and damaging to the surrounding teeth.

It is best to speak with your dentist before deciding any actions to take with your wisdom teeth. Be sure to ask as many questions as you need to ensure you understand. Getting your wisdom teeth removed is a big surgery, so be sure to consult a dental professional before you commit to a treatment plan.