Should I Replace My Extracted Teeth?

It has been found that the best thing to do when you get a tooth extracted is to replace it. Now, there are various types of replacements and we will go over these is a bit more detail a little later on. First I want to go over the reasons to get a missing tooth replaced.

There are several reasons, the first of which is, there will be a gap in your tooth structure which will misalign the teeth around it. The teeth surrounding the missing tooth will try to fill in the gap. This can cause a change of position of the teeth which could make it harder to clean those teeth properly. This gives way to gum disease and decay. Also, if you remove a lower tooth the upper tooth can start growing into the open space below it. This is called extrusion which can cause lose of facial tone and shape. You can also have part of the root structure exposed which can cause discomfort. Last but not least, each tooth that is lost and not replaced takes away some of your ability to chew your food.

There are many options for people who need to replace missing teeth. However, it will depend on a case by case basis what would be best for you to get. We have implants, bridges or caps which have the advantage of being fixed replacements. This means that they are easier to live with and they look more like your original teeth, but these fixed replacements are more expensive than removable ones. Then you also have removable partial dentures and full mouth dentures. These are less expensive but can take some getting used to.

I thoroughly recommend replacing any missing or extracted teeth as soon as humanly possible to avoid any complications. Please schedule an appointment today to consult with our staff on what option is best for you.