When It’s Time To Stop In And See Your Local Dentist

When your teeth hurt: If your teeth hurt, it can be a sign of many different problems. Perhaps your enamel isn’t as thick as it should be, or perhaps you’re not enjoying hot or cold foods and liquids because they’re causing you pain. Any change in the way your teeth feel should be followed up on immediately.

When your gums hurt: Sometimes your gums hurt if you had overly-acidic foods or if you bit down on a tortilla chips the wrong way. But if your gums hurt for more than a couple of days, something is wrong. It could be gingivitis starting up, or maybe you’re brushing so much that you’re wearing your gums away. It could also be a sign of something wrong with your overall health, and we’d like to help you identify it before it gets too bad.

When you’ve experienced trauma: This one can be pretty obvious…when you have a tooth knocked out, you’ll want to see an emergency dentist as soon as possible. But sometimes dental trauma isn’t so obvious. You might feel a loose tooth and simply hope that it heals on its own, but that can be a problem if it heals in the wrong position. If you’ve been hit in the face, whether it’s in a bar fight or a friendly game of football, you’ll want to come in and see your dentist to get things checked out.

Teeth problems can go from inconvenient to bad to horrible in a short time, so it’s best to never take the “wait and see” approach. Stop by and see Dr. Henry-Ward whenever you’re experiencing new pain in your mouth!