Gentle Dentistry

Haven’t been to the dentist in years? Are you suffering from dental pain? What if you found a highly experienced local dentist who carefully explained each procedure before it’s performed? A dentist who is so gentle you wound up saying, “that was painless and easy?

With Dr. Winsome Henry-Ward, comfortable dentistry is possible! Imagine leaving your first dental visit pain free, relaxed with a brighter smile, clean teeth, and fresh breath. You don’t have to imagine any longer!

Dr. Henry-Ward has been passionate about gentle dentistry from a young age and began her Clayton practice over 25 years ago. Her main goal has always been helping people with dental anxiety realize it is possible to have a gentle dental experience and a beautiful smile. Her in-depth experience and thousands of happy patients prove that you can have comfortable dental visits even with the most neglected of mouths.

What is Gentle Dentistry?

Gentle dentistry is the art of performing dental-related procedures – from routine cleanings to extractions and cosmetic dentistry, without causing the patient discomfort and anxiety. We are caring and understanding of your dental issues and the pain you may be experiencing and help you relax with stress-relieving techniques and dental sedation as needed. Your experience will be calming and you’ll see for yourself that we can alleviate your pain comfortably.

Our Dental Appointment Process

When you visit our clean, welcoming dental office, you’ll be greeted warmly by our friendly professionals who get to know you, understand your dental needs, and genuinely care that you’re with us. Once you’re escorted to the exam room, your visit will be carried out like this:

  • First, we carefully examine your entire mouth to decide which steps should be taken to give you healthy teeth and gums.
  • Then, we thoroughly explain each procedure recommended and what to expect.
  • Next, we take steps to eliminate any physical or emotional discomfort that may arise from the procedures, as well as from the environment. This may include dental sedation.
  • Finally, using decades of dental care experience and the latest tools and technology, we apply the exact amount of effort required to get the job done with ease and comfort. Our goal is to see that you’re pain-free as soon as possible.

Insurance & Financing

We know dental work can be stressful and hard on your budget. In fact, many of you who come to see us have waited too long to fix your dental issues because you were afraid you couldn’t manage it financially. We get that and want to be there for you to make your dental needs easier to afford; we will work hard to help you take care of the charges.

We accept most dental insurance plans including Metlife, Aetna, Delta Dental, and Cigna. We also offer a range of financing, often with 0% interest for up to a year so you don’t have to worry about your dental bill – you can focus on getting your teeth healthy and your smile sparkling!

New Patient Special

Even if you’ve delayed visiting the dentist for too long, it’s never too late to see Dr. Henry-Ward. She won’t judge you for not coming in sooner – in fact, she’ll simply be happy that you made it in and provide excellent gentle dental care. To make it even easier to make your appointment today, we offer a New Patient Special that gives you over 75% off of our services so that you can get to the bottom of your dental issues and live more comfortably. Contact us today and we’ll get back to you very soon. 314-862-1118

Go ahead – check out our testimonials from patients who are now pain-free and enjoy coming to the dentist!

What Our Patients Say

Beginning in 1995 Dr. Ward took over my dental care. She has proven to be as painless as I believe possible. My bridges have performed perfectly. My extractions have been very few, and my partial is working without incident. I recommend that anyone needing dental work consider using Dr. Ward.

Rudolph Hughes

Very gentle, very competent. I am very appreciative of your skill and skill of your staff. Thanks.

Shawna Silva

Dr. Ward, I want you to know how much I appreciate the care I have received here. I am so happy with the improvement in my gums, and it is because of your emphasis on preventive oral care. It has made a huge difference, and I thank you.

Dave Diaz

One day during my morning prayer and meditation I had to look up the word honorable. The word is rich in meaning and implies the purest, highest, noblest kind of goodness. Honorable means “lovely”, “winsome”, “gracious”, “noble” and “excellent’. Your name, Winsome, definitely describes your character and your practice. God bless and keep you!!!

Jan Paul

Since having my first traumatic experience as a 9 year old with an army dentist I was always anxious about going to the dentist; my muscles would get tense, and I would grip the arms of the dentist chair, anticipating the worst.
But what a difference Dr. Ward has made in my previously harrowing experiences with dentists. With her calm caring manner and soothing touch, I actually became more relaxed in the dentist chair. What a relief!

Then as a bonus, there are times she would softly hum a tune which even makes me more calm, like a mother soothing an anxious baby – I guess I must have been a big baby when it came to dentists, but not anymore! Thank God for Dr. Ward! And her friendly staff aren’t too bad either.

Deanna Little