Are You Looking to Whiten Your Teeth this Holiday Season?

Many people want to make a good impression around friends and family around the holiday season. Trust me, you’re not alone. But, is tooth whitening safe? Should you go to the dentist, or get an at-home kit?

Today, I want to go over the pros and cons for each side. One of the most common side effects from whitening your teeth is temporary tooth sensitivity. This can be so sever in some cases that you can have a sharp pain in your teeth after tooth whitening. However, this is very uncommon and only happens in a small percentage of cases. On the other side of it, it is always nice to have sparkling white teeth!

There has been a lot of research into how to make tooth whitening without temporary side-effects. In fact, the Zoom whitening system has developed a special formula with built-in potassium nitrate and ACP(amorphous calcium phosphate). These are both well known desensitizers and they also make your enamel smoother and more lustrous. This is a whitening system that we offer here at our office, and it is one that is recommended by many dentists. The special formula is made to ensure that your teeth are not temporarily sensitive after treatment. The other upside to this particular whitening system, is that it whitens your teeth up to 8 shades in a 45 minute office visit. And you only need to do this treatment once a year to keep it up.

We are currently offering a special 33% discount for this procedure! That is $200 off. This offer extends until December 22nd, so call soon before appointments fill up!